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Albela (1951).... Oops

I forgot to mention one song  from this movie.

Dhire Se Aaja re

Not since 'Soojaa Rajkumari has a lullaby (lori) been such a rage. Sis sings for bro and what does do... repeats the same song to GF... enjoy.

Albela (1951).... A Real Gem

If you want the who and the why and the what, please go to Google or Wiki. I am here to tell you how these movies lift us up and help us deal with drudgery of our lives. Ok here I go... 

First things first - Bhagwan is just not hero material. Short. Stocky. Never again and never since did he meet with the wild success like this movie did. Great sense of humor and cool dancing steps though.

The heroine is the opposite end of the spectrum. The gorgeous Geeta Bali.  

But together they set the screen on fire.

I saw this movie early 1990's. It was on Doordarshan. I had heard good things about the movie and was keen to see it.  

Wow. This movie was mind blowing. In fact it was the sound track that was mind blowing. A simple straightforward story, a bit too melodramatic for my tastes but with some great songs. A dozen at least. Need to thank C. Ramachander here. He was also the male voice in this movie using the alias Chitalkar.    

We have all seen how a dream sequence works in …