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Prophets of the New Age....

Just imagine this. There are no promos. no TV.

The only way was to go to a movie hall to enjoy them. You sit there in the dark and soon a song begins.

That's the first time you have heard it.

What thrill must have gone thru you. The lovey melodies voiced by the likes of Kisore and Rafi.

Sometime I feel Kishore and Rafi are Prophets of Gods sent down to earth to help us tide over our tedious lives.

God must have told them ,'Go there - help my people - they work so hard to be miserable - you help them'

Abhilasha (1983)

This Telugu movie was released the year I did my 10th but Yandamuri's novel by the same name was released a few year earlier. It was serialised by a weekly magazine and was a bit hit. The many turns and twists kept the readers hooked.

One chap staying in Xavier's lane did narrate a part of the story and how his family waited for he next part of the story. It was about death sentence and all that. Some how didn't interest me . Then the novel was made into a movie. The hero was an up and coming actor called Chiranjeevi. It became a big hit. Much credit goes to the music by the evergreen Ilayaraja. This launched the Chiranjeevi-Radhika pairing. It also launched the banner Creative Commercials.

I had seen a movie of his earlier. It was Punnnami Nagu (1980). For those who know this movie- you know. For those who don't here is a titbit.

I heard it was an animal based movie. I convinced my mom to send me and bro. I was in 8th or 9th and my bro a 4 yrs younger than me.

Now i…