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How to dilute.....

This happened in Ghaziabad. Neighbour and me planned to have a drink together.  So we bought half a bottle rum, some snacks (we Indians call it sides), a Thums up - 300ml bottle - not yet the PET 500ml days.

Our little party started one evening at his place and when it finished,  we still wanted some more. I had a quarter at my place- emergancy quota you see. I went home and brought it

But alas we realised we didn't have any Thums up or even water to mix it with.


It was late, around 11 PM peak winter and other neighbours were all asleep plus all shops closed.

So we 'do bechare' 2 poor souls sit at our door step looking for options. Just then a pani puri - golguppa to some, fella passes by. After the days, business he is returning home. He too does not have any water

but wait

He does have pani (masala water) he dishes out with puri.

He gives us a jugful and I, for the first and last time in my life,  have rum with pani puri pani........

To Rameshwaram

Went on a Pilgrimage to Rameshwaram. Here's the pictory. Left for there last Friday of Jan 2014 at 5 AM. Rameshwaram is a 600km drive from Bangalore.

Its Madurai that we have to travel thru the city. Why no by-pass.

Must say the road right till Rameshwaram is great. The downside is that we have to pay toll often. Costed about Rs 1200/- both ways.

Now we were about 25 KM away time 530 PM and this toll booth come in for something called Indira Gandhi Bridge - was already irritated paying all along. As we move, I realise we are not on any Indira Gandhi bridge but on the famous Pambam bridge. And the icing - on the parallel rail line we see a train coming up. wow. But how do we stop on a narrow bridge. Lucky for us there is a BJP rally and their convoy in front of us stops, so do we and jump out of the car. It a very thrilling sight to see this train almost on water. Now its very windy but why is our leg trembling. I now realise that the train movement is making our bridge rattle. oh…

How to Adopt a Baby ..

This was the first real sad story I witnessed in my life.

We had moved to the star colony. Two buildings away was this couple from Delhi. Married for many years but no kids.  So what do the do.

Adopt a kid. Not adopt in the legal sense. They do it the Indian way. They brought this cutie baby girl from a poor relative in Delhi and made her their own.

She was such a doll. Cutest kid ever seen. When she was brought down evenings, we all were already awaiting her arrival.

Then it happened.

Its a theory of mine that a kid in such homes are quite conducive to couple in question to conceive and that's what happened here. In due course they have a bonny boy. How cute. Two kids.

You think.

Not even a year has gone by and then we start hearing stories. The girl just doesn't like us - was the complaint. What ?? A small baby doesn't like you. Are you joking?

This story is told to all - literally door to door.

Then phase II.

This girl is not eating any food. Again a story told door to…