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My Car and Me

I bought my Nano after a weeks of market survey.

I had shortlisted a total of 4 which were quickly eliminated one by one and, bingo, the winner was Nano.

Here are things that went in Nano's favour. Firstly the cost of ownership was low. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, it was a vehicle I could get into easily. Being a heavy person, this was very important for me.

Going for the Papaya Orange was easy, Its the best of the lot.

The other were, as you can see, where I was almost lying down and damn uncomfy.


I used it in the city of Bangalore- without complaints.

Remember one incident though. I took the vehicle to its first service. Main issue was Ac was not performing too well. And was surprised when, while taking it back, the person there tells me it was not that Ac was not working properly, it was just not working at all and that it has been rectified.

Then I was keen to test this vehicle long and went to the pilgrim town of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu in it. It was a…